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Giving to Heroes Firefighters

Giving to Heroes Firefighters

Hi, this is Karim with Equality Reality and Jeff Ostlund with Bay Equity Home Loans Giving to Heroes absolutely what we decided to do is come down to Fire Station number Four here in Everett just to get the word out.

Really what we want you to know is that Firefighters here are heroes too and
what it is that at Bay Equity and Equality Realty have teamed up to give closing costs credits to those Heroes in our communities with this program this is something that we’ve done together so it works with all types of Loan Programs whether it’s Conventional FHA VA just give us a call we can talk all about it.

Our goal here is really to help make that dream of homeownership more affordable by again
crediting closing costs which sometimes can be a bit of a burden like Jeff said give us a call reach out to us and if anything let us try to help you and educate you a little bit more about this
process hey hopefully you’ll be in one of these videos with us.
Contact Us Soon.



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