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Equality Realty Giving to Heroes Teachers

Equality Realty Giving to Heroes Teachers

    Hi, this is Karim with Equality Reality and Jeff Ostlund with Bay Equity Home Loans Giving to Heroes absolutely what we decided to do is come down to Everett Community College just to get the word out. Really what we want you to know is that teachers here are heroes too andwhat it […]

In Charleston, 24% of Homes Are Affordable on a Teacher’s Salary, Down From More Than 50% Five Years Ago —

[ad_1] As South Carolina teachers prepare to go on strike to demand higher wages, see where housing affordability for the profession has dropped and where it’s remained relatively steady. Just 24 percent of homes for sale in Charleston, South Carolina are affordable for teachers in the area, down from 52 percent five years ago, but […] […]